These two Romanian boys lift heavy weights for 2 hours every day and by the age 7 and 9 they are already in an impressive fitness shape.

According to Daily Mail, Giuliano Stroe is nine and his brother Claudiu is seven. They train hard under the control of their father to be the world’s strongest boys.

Giuliano Stroe, aged 9
Their 35-year-old dad Iulian is determined to make his sons famous. The two started demonstrating acrobatic feats and lifting weights when they were toddlers.

Claudiu Stroe, aged 7
The elder brother has already broken 2 world records (information effective as of May 2014) for 90-degree vertical pushups and another holding on to a pole like a human flag.

They young bodybuilders routinely lift 4 kg dumbbells and heavy weights to develop their biceps and chest muscles.

Claudiu Stroe, aged 7
Interestingly, Claudiu got to training when he was a year and a half, copying his brother Giuliano. At his sensitive age he can already do the complex tricks like splits between metal rings and backflips along the ground.

Giuliano Stroe, aged 9
Some criticized the father for subjecting his children to such training, which they characterized as cruel for their age, the others however left positive replies and praised the family.

Both parents explained the children were eager to exercise adding that they had “natural ability for this”.

Their mother Ileana said:

“Nothing is forced, it is what God intended for them.”