President of Young Achievers Campaign Organisation of Nigeria (YACOON) Temitope Adewale warned Nigerian politicians against indulging young people into violent actions during the 2015 elections.

According to The Sun report, Adewale, whose organization was active in attracting youths to perform their civic responsibilities in the past elections, is concerned about the forthcoming event.

“One re-occurring desperate act has been the recruitment of youths as tools of electoral violence. As 2015 elections approach, let me warn desperate politicians not to use the youths for political violence because that will fast track the doom we are trying to avert in Nigeria. “Let me also warn politicians of stomach infrastructure who have starved the youths of the dignity of feeding themselves to refrain from playing with this terrible tragedy and shame of our nation by inspiring violence. Desperate politicians bent on using the youths for violence are eager to start an inferno that they neither know the magnitude nor end.”

According to YACOON head, violence is never a solution and might only rob the country of stability. He also lamented how young people were used by the politicians as “tools for violence” and referred to insurgency in the country’s North-East.
“Evidence suggests that Boko Haram which members are mainly youths, were used to achieve political agendas and dumped. Today, thousands of innocent Nigerians have met their untimely death as a fall-out of politicians using youths for political violence.”

Adewale also addressed young people urging them to be active in the elections, which are to bring change to the nation.

“It is not only for the political leaders to decide whether positive or negative change will be inspired, but also for the youths to take charge and stand for the change they believe in. I am concerned that for many years, especially after our return to democracy in 1999, when we all expected positive change, it has been otherwise. Most Nigerian youths are unemployed, frustrated and broke. Any nation with proper insight ought to have noticed this time bomb that, God forbid, may soon implode on our nation.”