A former minister and an ex acting head of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Bello Haliru Mohammed was picked as re-election campaign director by President Goodluck Jonathan. However, Mr Mohammed is apparently a serial bribe taker, PremiumTimes reported on October 25, 2014, Saturday.

The campaign chief was indicted by German court back in 2007. Seven years ago, on October 4, the Munich State Court put Mr. Mohammed’s name on the list of hefty bribes beneficiaries. The list included 77 episodes of bribes involving citizens of Nigeria, Russia and Libya.

Siemens AG has paid over 10 million Euros to Mr. Mohammed, 5 other Nigerians and the PDP for a piece of Nigeria’s telecommunications market.

Oct 23, 2014 – Bello Haliru Mohammed will be in charge of Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election campaign.
The website of the PDP does not mention the bribery scandal in Mr. Mohammed’s Profile