Am sure most of u would be wondering why I have not blogged for two to three days now , well dead people don’t blog, but am glad that am alive & I return all glory to God, just had to share this great good news with NLB Readers!
My Life is now a living testimony and I will not hesitate to share with my brethren what the Lord has done for me on de (16th Oct by 5:30am)We just closed from night Virgil, & I was about going home , when I suddenly felt weak & began to lose my breath, I managed to walk over to where Prince Jeff was sitting, and I told him I was weak, I held his hand as we round up the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and he turned round and said let’s go & all I could do was reach out for my car key in my pocket & gave it to him, that I can’t drive, him , Oyibo, bro Precious managed to help me walk to we he got to my car , they asked me to sit down, then one of his boys was going to drive me home, then he said wait here while I go and drive out my car, and then the ASTHMA ATTACK got more serious , this time I couldn’t breath properly, I opened my mouth & yet I was losing it, I heard, (where is her inhaler? Check the car, I can’t it, & someone screamed my God, )& I was pointing to my handbag, & I couldn’t speak & the last words I heard was rush, go and call Prince, he held me so I won’t fall, but I was going, I had struggled to breath, & passed out & then I heard that the men there was confused on what to do, & they all agreed let’s carry her to Proph, as our Prophet is fondly called by de congregation, and the lifted lifeless me & carried me inside de church premises, honestly brethren I think there is a huge gutter, pit, hole between life & death, that one needs to cross, cause I have crossed one leg, when I was about to cross the other let, I heard a loud voice that said ( IT WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE, NEVER, NOW I COMMAND U TO GET UP & WALK) it echoed about five times in my ear, then he had already hit my chest three times, & slowly I opened my eyes, still in my unconscious state, I saw My Lord Jesus Christ in white, still shouting Get Up & Walk, slowly I stood up with the help of air around me & I started walking, then he held my hand & walked with me, I heard, where is her seat?& he said to me sit down here, ” They have failed, so they didn’t know you were still in church?? ¿ they came to attack u, so they didn’t know am still here?? Go & bring me the communion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, & he said to me take the blood of Jesus Christ& drink & I opened my mouth & drank a little ,then I began to breath a little, I started coughing & almost fainted, then he held my head & gave me another drop, & he said u will be fine, & I opened my eyes & saw My Prophet & Prince Jeff, standing in front of me, & am like, =O So am alive in de land of the living or is it a joke? & I looked again & saw crowd, then I realized that My God never fails, he gave me back my life, I thought it was my last breath but God said no, & used Prophet C. C Ilogwo (Obu Oku) of Evangelical Ministry to call me back , my God gave me a second chance to live again & testify if his miracle. Brethren I have never heard or seen where someone had asthma attack, without inhaler, nebulizer, without been rushed to hospital for urgent attention & the person survived, YES it can only be a MIRACLE from God, am a living testimony, am alive in flesh & blood & I return all glory, honor, adoration, jubilation, praises to my Lord Jesus, I bless God’s holy name, his is the same yesterday, today & forever, what God has done for me, shall be permanent & I pray that as u praise God with me, ur testimony is on de way, rejoice with me and share the good news. , Our Redeemer Lives, Praise be to his Mighty name, He Reigns \=D/ \=D/ He Reigns \=D/ ='( ='( ='( ='( He Reigns \=D/ \=D/ I love u Jesussssssssssssssssssssssssssss ='( ='(! I will rest for some time & start blogging soon! Thanks for sharing in my testimony.