Some days back, a list of richest pastors in the world surfaced online and Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of the Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel topped the list with an estimated net worth of $150 million.

Speaking with Reuters, Oyedepo who defended the income generated from tithes and offerings in his mega church said it is used to build schools and serve the needs of the poor.

Bishop David Oyedepo
According to the man of God, the wealth the church gathers is invested in expanding it, and if he did not use a private jet, he would be unable to oversee its many foreign operations and still return to Ota every week in time for Sunday’s worship.

Asked about Forbes’ estimate of his fortune, Bishop Oyedepo said that he doesn’t know how Forbes arrived at their figure.

“For me, to have fortune means someone who has what he needs at any point in time. I don’t see myself as having $150 million stacked up somewhere. Whatever way they found their figures, I am only able to say I am blessed by the Lord,” he said.