In life, there is bound to be an embarrassing moment, which is not easily forgotten. And for talented and pretty actress, Ini Edo, there’s no exception.

Presently, the actress is reported to be having issues with her marriage, which is being fed upon by some gossip media platforms. For some days now, there have been several reports that her marriage to Philip Ehiagwina, who is based abroad, has crashed.

There have also been some twists to the matter as well as allegations flying around as regards the real reasons for the crack in the union that was consummated in 2008. But that is not the crux of today’s story, but for another day.

In one of Ini Edo’s interviews before her marriage brouhaha, she disclosed that her embarrassing moment was when her skirt tore by the side while trying to alight from a commercial motorcycle after she had rushed to pick her estranged husband from the airport.

Ini Edo explained that she had taken the commercial motorcycle popularly called ‘okada’ in Lagos to meet Philip at the airport, but on getting there, she learnt that the man had gone to Ogudu and had to rushed down there. But on alighting from the ‘okada’, her skirt tore and she felt embarrassed.

Ini Edo is one of the respected actresses in Nigeria who earns big. She has endorsed some products and reportedly paid handsomely for that.