Popular US rapper Waka Flocka was busted at Atlanta’s airport on Friday after a security check.

The security officer found a hangun in his luggage. According to the Atlanta Police, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star was taken because he never had a weapons permit and has been charged with wrongful possession of a weapon in a prohibited place.

Eventhough an initial court appearance was reportedly set for Saturday morning, Flocka was being held in the Clayton County jail longer than expected because it wasn’t immediately clear if he had a lawyer.

Transportation Security Administration(TSA) spokesman Mark Howell told reporters that agents have found an estimated 1,600 guns so far this year in bags at airport security checkpoints nationwide.

It remains unclear if Flocka would be granted bail, but Howell also stated that the TSA can impose a fine of up to $11,000 depending on the infraction.