In the real African context, sexiness in a lady is not about being slim like a ‘bonga fish’, as some would rightly say, but about having robust flesh in her body like a well fed woman.

Looking at Mercy Johnson and Toolz, both who are popular celebrities in Nigeria, you would rightly believe that they look well-fed like a pure African woman, but still maintaining that element of sexiness in them.

Do you want to talk about their killer backsides which can cause traffic jam on the popular Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, or their frontal defender which can make the Super Eagles beat Brazil by 10-0 in a soccer match? Do you want to talk about their mermaid shapes when they wear tight dresses or their sexy eyes?

Many still find it difficult to know who wins between these two stars in the battle of sexiness. But take a good look at them again and determine who wins this contest.

Africa is blessed. The time to make ‘lepas’ in the society to start eating well is here again. Africa, ahoo.