This is an interesting story that will make you laugh your heart out. The former BBA winner, Karen Igho who has suddenly become a corrective weapon to put some of her colleagues straight has extended her coast to Ghana.

Yes, Karen recently trashed sexy Ghana top actress, Yvonne Nelson to shreds over her Tweets on Iyanya, Karen and other Nigerian stars whom she referred as ‘proud bastard full of shits’, to as Yvonne claims that her account was hacked.

So, yesterday, Karen Igho, the talented entertainer has responded to Yvonne Nelson’s insulting tweet at her… Karen has replied, tagging her as an attention seeker and advising her to get her b*obs done. She later deleted her own tweets and tweeted that her account was hacked too. Funny gurl!

I can’t stop laughing at these two Alli Mamas’s ‘jagbajantis’ on social media

I’m sure Yvonne will go off Twitter now for a while for what Karen has just done. If you recall, Yvonne was always hitting Iyanya etc over nothing and she has never claimed to have been hacked until now.

See Karen and Yvonne’s tweets below….