Naskit posted this lovely words on her Instagram page——-(@am-Nasara, Out of Joy I cried last night, and he opened the garage, I screamed OMG!… Was speechless, been speechless till dz morning… I just have to share dz peace of good news with my instafamily here, within 14 days I have been marvelously surprised by my hubby….. My eyes are filled wt tears as dz minute, obviously no 1 will understand but I do, I’ve not only been blessed with the best man on earth but wt de most generous & God fearing man, would for ever be grateful to him,……now back to the matter,…..#Seriously guys dun hate I beg,I can’t just let dz go by, just yesterday I posted a car here and everyone was happy for me, trust me dz machine is bad bad bad bad, don’t get it twisted ,…. This is a 2012 Porsche Cayenne, customized Naskit 13-13, I told u…… OMGGGG I can’t shout someone just pinch me I beg…$Finally guys I introduced u to my “BABY” PC$$…..)May God keep expanding your Empire Babes, ur soooooooo on point by Nonyelevi