The shutdown of the U.S. Government as a result of disagreement between parliament and President Barack Obama does not affect visa and passport issuance, and U.S. citizen services abroad.

The State Department and USAID gave this explanation in a statement issued today through the U.S. Embassy in Abuja, saying that these are fee-funded activities and “will continue since fees are collected to finance these services.”

According to the statement mad available to News Express by mail, “The State Department and USAID have taken steps to continue working to advance the national interest, regardless of the challenges created by the shutdown, and we will continue to operate to advance our national interests and protect health and safety of U.S. citizens abroad.

“Certain Department of State and USAID operations can continue on a limited basis for a short period of time. Certain multi-year State Department and USAID accounts have residual funds that remain available. However, we are not conducting business as usual. The Department and USAID will not hire any new personnel and is severely constraining spending. This includes avoiding new obligations; sharply curtailing travel and conferences; and avoiding making all but the most essential purchases.”

•Photo shows U.S. President Barack Obama.