I got this broadcast directly from Mimi (its from mimi. A persons intelligence is measured by their actions I am highly dissapointed in myself for once associating wit sm1 like you…your immaturity amazes me I mean as a mother of two this is the cheapest way to seek for attention very poor attempt ,be more constructive in your accusations… people who kno me well kno I wudnt borrow money from a struggling single mother…it is not in my character besides im doin well for myself, your intention is to damage my image, and I wonder why sm1 who is sure of themself would take joy in laying false accusations against another person, you must hv alot of idle time to actually sit dwn and fabricate such a dirty story..changin diffrent pictures on bbm and posting rubbish on facebook.. clearly any sensible person readin would immediately know the level of your IQ, I dnt hv the luxry of time to waste disscusin this issue further…infact it is not an issue at all..Linjoe you know where to find me, you have my Numbers if you hv an issue wit me kindly call me..posting such comments exaggerate your stupidty…very poor behaviour indeed…Dear Readers Happy Independence Day. Godbless